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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 13, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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e will not be on the ballot despite the battle started by gov. rick perry. >> a huge development. if you will recall only two candidates are on the ballot, mitt romney and ron paul. the other four did not qualify because they did not have enough signatures or the people on the ballot -- or there were not enough signatures. >> a big blow after a federal judge ruled the will not be allowed on the virginia ballot. people tough rules on who can gather the signatures and where they can come from "unconstitutional." in the end, the judge denied their request. "they knew the rules many months ago. they waited until out of the time to gather petitions and they lost the political ba ttle to be on the ballot.
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in essence, they played the game and were upset they lost." the 11th commandment, at those -- thou shalt not speak ill of any other republican. >> the attack ads are drawing the ire of the gop elders. do not count on a unified party anytime soon. listen to what newt gingrich says about mitt romney. >> you know he did. >> right now, romney is on top and his lead is growing, perhaps conservatives who were not on board are splitting votes between the other candidates. it is making them weaker and romney stronger. >> a lot of people want to talk about how to create jobs. it is not to walk away from free
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enterprise. >> there could be a meeting under way right now of 100 conservative christian leaders discussing who they may back and could be a very powerful endorsement. if the race is not decided by march 6th, super tuesday, this could be a really big victory for mitt romney. >> prince george's county police are trying to identify a body found in capitol heights. a resident on the body behind a dumpster in these apartment buildings. the victim appears to be a black male in his early 30's. so far the police have not identified any suspects. cook the founder of eight d.c. nonprofit has pled guilty to charges of the scandal. he admits he tried to conceal the misappropriation of nearly $400,000 in government grants
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coming one week after he resigned after pleading guilty to similar charges. the operate youth programs in the district. >> new developments tonight from the occupy movement. will they stay or will they have to move on? mayor vincent gray once the protesters moved out of mcpherson square, and he has written a letter to the park's police to get that going. the occupiers say they are staying put for now. we're live in mcpherson with the latest on the push to get the protesters out. >> i spoke to a lot of protesters out here today, and they said one thing. this new push about the health concerns, they say it is just an excuse to get them out. >> we noticed some food items scattered around near the protestor tense. these issues, most likely causing this letter from d.c. mayor vincent grave. in the letter, he calls on the
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national parks service to remove them because of "a dangerous rat infestation commissaries potential for communicable disease, hypothermia, and food borne illness." he cited a report from the health department saying the conditions are "a threat to the health and safety of both protesters and the district residents." nobody is leaving it. dan has been living here since mid october and said the rats are coming from nearby alleys and buildings. >> as you walk around different ballets, you can see rattraps set up there too. it has always been a problem. >> this protest has only been here one week. he says they make an effort to keep the area clean. michael from southeast d.c. spent his lunch hour documenting what he sees at the protest sites.
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>> there are health concerns that could perhaps make them sick then that would be sent a attention to. >> the national parks service says the protesters have a right to free speech and essentially that needs to be protected. also we want to mention come on tuesday, more protests this time on capitol hill for occupy congress. natasha barrett, abc 7 news. >> today on our facebook page we asked what you thought should be done about the arctic by protestors. 9% say they should be moved to freedom plaza. 12% say to let them stay. >> president obama wants to be given the power to streamline the government. he wants to consolidate six major trade and commerce agencies into a one-stop department including making the small-business administration a
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cabinet-level agency. congress will have the final say, but he will get to pass much of the lobbying. >> john edwards trial will be delayed because the former presidential candidate reportedly has a life- threatening heart condition. the judge revealed two letters from his cardiologists and the trial is now delayed until late march so he can receive treatment. >> we have just learned a controversial quote on the martin luther king, jr.'s statue will be change. there will be 30 days to consult with the foundation and the family to change the "drum major" quote. >> still to come, chaotic times
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for apple overseas after the decision to stop selling by funds. -- selling iphones. >> how are the airlines doing on time? >> i'm horace holmes. we know more about two of the marines relieving themselves on the bodies of the talent and soldiers and the punishments they may face coming up. -- on the bodies of the taliban soldiers. >> winter weather in time for the holiday
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>> we are back with the latest on the controversial video and balding four marines in afghanistan. they have appointed a three-star general to look into the video. >> that is on top of a probe under way by ncis. are learning more about the four marines cnet urinating on corpuses -- ceen urinating on corpses. >> 2 of the 4 have undergone intense questioning. these are images that have been seen all around the world come images that have disgusted and anchored those who haven't viewed them. the four elite marines captured urinating on the bodies of dead
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taliban fighters could land in prison. >> anyone who has participated, known about it, having engaged in such conduct was be held police accountable. >> these four snipers outcome of this video posted on youtube was shot last summer while they were finishing a tour of duty. in the video, one soldier is heard saying "have a great day buddy." the marine corps will be doing a complete investigation. >> these of the people that would kill everyone of us here if they would have the chance. >> but there are also those looking into whether their actions violate the geneva declaration that is against desecrating the bodies of the
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dead. >> it's looking a lot like winter in the midwest. >> doug has a look at the weekend forecast after the break. >> the ravens are getting ready to fly on sunday. the latest on their preparations against the texans. caps play tonight.
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>> things got ugly outside and apple store outside beijing today. customers became unruly after they refused to open the store. thousands have raided on light in the cold to buy the new iphone 4s. summit scuffled with police, others pelted the store with eggs. the customer service problems with the best buy over the holidays are still causing problems. >> they say they failed to comply with online orders. they would order on line only to be told that the items were not available. the problem still has not been corrected. one retail analyst says it is
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the only retailer that has problems of this kind routinely. >> the work flight delays and cancellations from november. only two planes sat on the tarmac longer than allowed, down from 18 flights in october. under federal rules, if a plane sits on the tarmac for more than three hours, they are supposed to return to the gate and let the passengers off. on international flights the limit is four hours. >> parts of the midwest are looking like winter. look at the chicago area. one of the many midwestern cities it digging itself out of conditions. we will not get any of that here. >> it will pass right by us over us. >> it will stay off to the west. the allegany is protecting us from a lot of us.
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>> long live the mountains. >> absolutely. clear skies around the area because of the mountains. here is the recorded sunset from the rooftop camera. temperatures dropped a few degrees right after sunset. look at that. it will be back tomorrow morning, if i could guess. chilly temperatures only to get colder. the high-temperature occurred just after midnight and then the front rolled through. 36 was the low for the day which is the current reading. 43 and 28 are the averages. at frost bird state university, 16 degrees, wind chill -- frostburg university, 16, wind chill around 0.
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the advisories are now constricted to the higher elevations and virginia. 32 in gaithersburg. 39 at reagan national airport. 39 in annapolis. all through the mid-atlantic and beyond, the wind has been an issue. it feels like it's 23 in gaithersburg. it feels like 32 in the district. check out some of these wind gusts during the afternoon, 43 miles per hour in pittsburgh. 39 in the district. it put the real chill of winter into the air. the showers will slowly diminishing of the next 24 hours, with sunshine and chilly temperatures tomorrow in the 30's. more sunshine and cool temperatures on sunday. by monday, we will pull out a little bit. mostly sunny breezy, and cold.
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check at the next seven days of rounding out the holiday weekend. 37 tomorrow and sunday for the high temperatures. on monday, 45 with sunshine. warming up tuesday ahead of the cold front. when possible later with the cold front then selling backend to more seasonal temperatures by the end of next week. >> the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local trio the dealers. moving you forward. >> what's up with the caps tonight? >> caps coming off a much needed win. it came against their biggest rival, the pittsburgh penguins. tonight, hosting and other rival of sorts, tampa bay. this year, tampa is the 13th in the eastern conference
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standings. peabody making his eighth consecutive start. the caps have the 5th best homestand record. >> we want to keep pace with the teams in the top rate, and we still have hours in the winning division. >> when the wizard's flight to chicago earlier this week many assumed would not be pretty. even without rose lucas iii scored 25 points and the wizards hit new lows. blatche out in philly becasue of a shoulder. they scored a franchise low against chicago, 64 points, no points scored in the last five minutes. kickoff against the 76ers' at 7:00. in the post-season, home field advantage is as good as gold
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especially when you are the baltimore ravens winning all eight home games this season. sunday's show up at the inner harbor will be a little different. this is john harbaugh's first home playoff game posting the houston texans. they beat them handily in october, but they have pulled together a string of wins to make the playoffs despite a string of injuries. the ravens have not won a playoff game at home since 2000, so expect a fiery crowd. >> it will be a huge challenge. we are playing a highly motivated football team, and we will need every one of our fans in the stadium, at home, everywhere. we are going to try to do this thing together. we have something to accomplish. >> rallied the purple. many teams not in the playoff hunt are cleaning house. st. louis announced the hiring the former titans head coach was
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also sought after by the miami dolphins. he spent 16 years with the oilers. leave it to the crazy cheeseheads. they shoveled snow for $10/hour today. 750 people lined up. the packers host the new york giants this sunday. but one more fan for tim timebow, lebron james. he respects him and feels he is "in the same boat as he is" when it comes to criticism. >> he wins games.
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>> we almost reached our goal to help the washington humane society. >> for each of the first 3000 new abc7 facebook friends or twitter followers, we will donate $1 to the washington humane society. it will help pets with care until they are adopted. please spread the word by helping us save animals. especially during these cold days.
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>> wind chill around the area in the upper 20's. still in the 30's, but they will drop. the wind will diminish and overnight, but still pretty chilly come into the 20's by the morning. in the mid 30's @ noon, but then back into the upper 30's with sunshine. rounding out the holiday weekend in the mid 40's. if we are not here on tv or you are having dinner log on to for your online home for abc 7 weather. you can look at the maps blogs and all sorts of cool things. check it out. >> in good advice. >> join us at 11:00. have a good weekend.
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